About EGOsketch

To explain more about EGOsketch, we have to start at the mother company Invition. Invition is a tech company specialised in on demand printing of phone cases. We realised that the phone case market is not very durable, when we started this project: every company buys their product in bulk in China and everything which isn’t sold, is thrown away because of the low costs of purchase. We thought that can be done differently.

Apple iPhone 7/8 Hard case (back printed, black)

Changing the phone case market

We needed to move all the stock of the phone case companies to our warehouse, to change this market. There is a lot less overstock if the stock is kept in one place and it should be easier to sell out a product instead of throw away the leftovers. That raises the next question: why would a phone case company buy via us instead of directly from China? In the end, you can make more money if you take out several links of the chain and purchase directly at the factory. To do something that China can’t do, we had to do something different. We decided to start customising phone cases, as automated as possible and with fast delivery times.

High speed on demand printing of phone cases

A lot of IT is required to make this possible. We wanted to deliver higher quality, be faster and make it as easy as possible for companies to use our services. We built our own platform, which can receive orders fully automated, process print images and handle the full order flow without requiring any human interaction. Every day this system becomes more sophisticated and more and more jobs are automated. With this state of the art systems we are able to process hundreds of printed phone cases a day. Orders placed before 4 PM on work days are processed the same day in 99% of the time.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Wallet case (fully printed)

At this moment we have hundreds of customers connected to our platform, selling their own unique and customised phone cases. Among our partners are companies selling “design your own” products, designers and artists selling their work, merchandise companies and marketing firms using our services as a tool to promote companies.

EGOsketch as an Invition Showcase

To be able to show what is possible with our systems and to fully understand the needs of our partners, we built EGOsketch as a showcase website. We learned how to run a webshop, what consumers expect and lots of other things. This knowledge is integrated in the Invition services and products to make sure we can deliver the best experience possible.

Currently EGOsketch is more than 5 years online. We have sold well over a 100.000 products through this website and with over 500 different printable phone cases we are proud to say we became a phone case printing specialist. Off course we are never finished, we will keep improving to give you the best experience. If you have comments, don’t hesitate to contact us!