How can I track my shipment?

We ship orders outside the European Union with tracking. Orders within the EU are shipped without tracking. We might upgrade your shipment to tracked, even within the EU, when your order consists of multiple cases.

Logging in to your account

You can login on our website if you made an account during checkout. Navigate to orders and click on the order, there should be a tracking code. You can’t see a tracking code? This can mean two things. Either your order was not shipped yet, or your order was shipped without tracking code. When your order status says ‘Complete’, that means we have shipped it.

Checking your e-mail

We will always send you an e-mail once we have shipped your order. You haven’t received the mail yet? That means probably that your order was not shipped yet. It is possible that you have received the e-mail in your spam folder so please check. The tracking details are sent with a separate e-mail. Your order was shipped without tracking if you have received an e-mail that your order was completed but you haven’t got a mail with a tracking link.