Ah there you are! I did’nt see you there. So let’s get to our seats, do you have the tickets? What you lost your phone?? See this wouldn’t happen with a iPhone 12 Pro Max crossbody case! You should have put your case around your body so no one can pick it from your pockets. As it happens you can customise your very own crossbody case right here at EGOsketch.

Customisable you say?

Yes it’s true. At EGOsketch we wan to make every phone case unique. That is why we have developed and implemented our configurator. Now you can make your very own design online! You can add multiple pictures, photographs or other imagery together. Slap on some text stating the case is definetly yours and viola. When editing you can see your design right on your iPhone 12 Pro Max crossbody case!

Ooh alright, but i want to order now what?

Well that entirely depends on yourself. If your creative juices allow you to order before 4p.m. then you can expect your package to arrive within a 4 day period. We can produce your personalised iPhone 12 pro max crossbody case the very same day. Our production and quality control teams have enough time to print your custom crossbody case. Ordered after 4p.m. take a day longer to process.