Customise your very own iPhone 12 Pro Max phone case. This custom case is a transparent hard cover and therefore you are able to show of your iPhone 12 Pro Max with a personalised design whilst still having custom phone protection. Design a custom case with images, quotes or logos, it is up to you how you want to decide to design your personalised phone cover. Be as creative as you want and show of your new device!

Properties of transparent personalised iPhone 12 Pro Max Hard case

A transparent case, customised only there where you want it! Protect your phone with a hardback custom case which reveals the back of your phone. Using a precise and detailed printing method,which involves instantly drying off the ink so that it sticks to the cases material, Egosketch places your design in the best quality where you want it. Flawless designs with beautiful colours.

Designing your custom transparent iPhone 12 Pro Max Hard case

Personalise the corner, one side or the whole thing, everything left uncovered will be transparent allowing for unique and unbelievable desings. The options are only limited by your needs. Get your Custom iPhone case and show your Ego. Don’t forget to order before 4 PM to get your personal iPhone case shipped the same day.