Personalise your own iPhone 7/8 Plus Wallet case. Use your favourite photos or logos to create the ultimate custom phone case for your precious iPhone 7/8. You could also add text, lyrics or inspiring quotes to make your custom case even more personal. Our printing technology extends possibilties and will allow you to be as creative as possible with your design. Your custom case will be shipped within 2 workdays. Make sure to offer your iPhone 7/8 maximum protection with a customised front printed wallet case.

Customised iPhone 7/8 Wallet case

This wallet case, made of strengthened leather, is a classy and reliable way to protect your iPhone 7/8. It covers both the back and the front of your phone, with the front cover holding your personalised design. The wallet case also has space for cards and coins so that you dont have to take your full wallet everywhere. Thanks to the wallet case your phone will be protected from bumps, scratches and shattering on both sides.

Personalised Apple iPhone 7/8 Wallet case

When customising your wallet case, think of personalisations that are unique and make you stand out as an individual. Thanks to our advanced printing technology, anything and everything can be printed on your custom case. Use your favourite photo from your last trip, the names of your family members or the logo of your favourite sports team. Be creative and individualistic, show your EGO!