Create your very own custom Apple iPhone 12 crossbody case! Jump straight into our editor and create your own design. We are able to deliver your custom iPhone 12 crossbody case within 4 days if you are able to get your order in before 16:00, how nice right? Would like to get your creative juices flowing? No problem at all. There is enough info on our site so you can develop your very own custom iPhone 12 crossbody case.

Protection you most valuable possession.

This crossbody case will fit entirely around your body so you can carry your phone with you like a shoulder bag. Your custom iphone 12 crossbody case will be fitted with a secure black cord. The loops for the cord are thickened to give them more strength. The sides are mode of a soft TPU and the backside of a hard plastic. Cushioning is added within the corners of your custom iphone 12 crossbody case.

Create your own custom iphone 12 crossbody case

Over at EGOsketch we believe that everyone should be able to have a phone case personalized to thier specific needs. Mayby you found an inspirational phrase or quote which you would like to carry with you at all times, or perhaps a very meaningful picture. With the configurator you can check out how those will be going to look on your custom Apple iphone 12 crossbody case.