Would you like to get a customised Apple iPhone 12 mini Tough case? At EGOsketch we have been customising your phone cases for over 10 years now. The iPhone 12 mini Tough case will have a black rubber like insert which will give your Apple more protection against sudden impacts. A fully printed hard case will cover up most of the black insert, and will be printed on of course.

The best printing technique for your special case.

Your custom iPhone 12 mini Tough case will be printed using sublimation. Therefore your design will cover all over the outside of the case, making this case feel more luxurious. The black insert cannot be printed on as it’s only purpose is to protect your Apple device. Would you like to create your own iPhone 12 mini case? Click “Customize” and get stuck in!

Getting your Apple iPhone 12 mini Tough case.


Customising your iPhone 12 mini Tough case is easy. You can easily drag and drop in your design elements in our editor. Resize, reshape and pivot your design elements to your hearts content. You could opt to go with multiple pieces of imagery if you would like. There is also a text element which you can use to put on a special date or your name perhaps. Jump into our editor and start designing today!