Protect your brand new Motorola Moto G5 in style, with a customised transparent TPU case. Your phone is an accessory you use everyday and in some cases is required to function. Why collapse and do nothing, when you can avoid this problem with a simple protective case that reflects your style. Use anything from logos through to texts, to create the ultimate personalised phone case. Order before 4 PM and your case will be shipped the same day.

What is the TPU case?

TPU, which is made of silicon and plastic, is a material that is both strong and flexible. It can bend, allowing the cases made of it to be easy to put on. Its tough enough to withstand minor impact and scratch damage, however due to its rubber like consistency it protects from shocks as well. The case is made for the Motorola Moto G5 and so fits perfectly around the phone, making it impossible for the case to just fall off. All our cases are fitted with the necessary cutouts for cameras and jacks etc.

The designer tool

To create your design, we installed a designer tool that allows you to do it straight in the browser. Once you hit “design now” you will be moved into the tool, where you can upload your components. Remember that you can use anything you like, we can print: photos, logos, images and texts. The tool will also help you by telling you if your image quality is low, or if you stretched the image too far that it will blur. You can also preview your case, before ordering, in the tool. Should you need any help, check out our “designer tip page” or contact us.