Have you ever lost your phone? A scary thought isn’t it? With the crossbody case you will never leave your phone again, provided you keep wearing your personalised iPhone 11 pro max case. The case is build very sturdily with features for added security. In the corners of the case there is added cushioning for example. The cord and fittings to the customised iPhone 11 pro max case are thickened for added strength. TPU was used for the sides of the case in order to keep a thight grip on your prized posession.

Your drive for perfection

We value creativity a great deal. That is the reason we started in the first place. Now you can make your own unique and crossbody iPhone 11 pro max case. Jump in our editor to create your phone case. You can even build your design in the editor and check how your design will look on the finished product. Try out our editor and customise your phone case today!

Personalise your crossbody iPhone 11 pro max case

Personalise your custom crossbody case for the iPhone 11 pro max. If you are able to finish your design and order before 16:00, your case will be at your doorstep within 4 days. Our printing and quality control team will make sure your case is of the highest quality it can be.