Get your personalised Apple iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro Tough case right here at EGOsketch! The tough case will protect your prized posession even better than standard snapcases. There is a rubber inlay which will absorb the most shocks. Next up is a fully printed hard case where your very own design can be printed unto! Order your very own personalised iPhone 12 tough case today!

Creating your own Tough case!

Creating your tough case is easy! We over here at have made a configurator where you can edit your design right on the case. Now you can see how your design will look on the Tough case. The configurator is easy to use with its drag and drop feature. You can even add together multiple pieces of imagery to create your design. Click the “Customize” button and start desiging.

Printing your personalised Apple iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro Tough case

We have been printing customised phone cases for over 10 years now. Making phone cases unique was our plan from the get go. Nowadays we can print at such a high quality, you will not see a difference from the picture itself. Do you have a special date or would you like to get your name on the case? No problem at all! There is a text feature right in the configurator.