With this wonderful device you need protection and EGOsketch is here to help you with this. Of course you don’t want a standard case for your phone so start customise your own Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra black soft case here. Our design tool is super easy to use and will put you on the way to your ultimate phone protection, in style!

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra / Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G black soft case

This case is flexible and strong, so you will no longer need to worry about potential accidents. The soft feel is fantastic and we know you will love it. Whilst your design will be presented across the back of the case, for the world to see!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra / Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G personalised black soft case

Our design tool allows your black custom case to have almost anything. Create a collage of memories or keep it simple by adding some color and a quote or text. We can even add logos to a custom case so if you are a business owner you can have personalised business phone covers. Anything is possible! We have different fonts to add text to your phone cover and the option to change the background color so we really can create a custom Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra / Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G phone cover you will love for sure.