Express yourself with a customised transparent back case for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Don’t settle for predsigned cases you sort of like, make a personalised case that will suit your style and show you off. Make unique custom cases with photos, logos and texts of your own. You can even connect to your social media sites and take photos from there. Anything and Everything is possible. Get your custom case before 4 PM and we’ll ship it the same day. Protect your phone with your EGO.

Properties of this Galaxy S8 case

This back case is made to protect the rear side of your phone. Made of strong plastic materials, it can withstand a large amount of fall and impact damage, protecting your phone from harm. The sides of your case are transparent, while the back is transparent everywhere that you didn’t personalise. The design you made is printed on the back using the latest technolgy, through which the customisations are attached to the case material, resulting in everlasting and vivid cases.

Personalising your case

In order to avoid mistakes, and make the perfect case, check out our designer tip page. Remember that you don’t have a limit on your personalisations, so dig deep to make sure that they are unique to you. You can use any thing from texts to photos, and even upload your own from your pc or social media pages. Create an outstanding case that will protect your phone and present your EGO!