Create a personalised white case made of TPU for the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8. Give your investment the protection it deserves, as well as give it a look that suits your style. Customize the case with anything from photos to texts, even your own and from social media. Order your case before 4 PM and we’ll produce and ship it the same day. Free shipping available world wide.

Properties of custom white TPU case

Your case is back printed, meaning that your design will be printed on the back of the case while the sides remain the original white color. TPU, a mixture of silicon and plastic, makes your case strong but flexible. It will withstand a all daily fall and impact damages, including their shocks. The case is made specifically for the Galaxy S8 and so fits your phone perfectly, and includes all the cut outs for the equipment it might cover (jacks/speakers/camera).

Customising your case

Your Galaxy S8 case can be personalised anyway you want. Anything and everything can be printed, and in amazing quality too, thanks to our special printing technique and designer tool. Your design will be everlasting because it will be stuck to the case material. Make original and unique cases with your own personalisations now, and stand out.