Personalised HTC one M9 cases

The HTC One M9 got the same recognizable design as his predecessors, however, this device recieved a nice aluminum housing. The Power Button has moved to the edge of the One M9, where the other buttons are also located. The well-known BoomSound speakers are on the front of the device, together with the front cam. The speaker of the One M9 will support to reach the ultimate sound experience, especially now HTC cooperates with Dolby. The device is equipped with a 5 inch full HD-screen. You can personalize your device with themes, which is completely new for HTC. Make your HTC One M9 even more personal and protect with your One M9 personalised case!

One M9 is vulnerable for damage

Your device is already equipped with a solid aluminum housing. But there are still a few points where your HTC One M9 vulnerable is for damage. Your screen can be cracked if you drop your One M9. You can see scratches and other daily usage damage clearly on the aluminum housing of the One M9. You can avoid this by ordering your own customised HTC One M9 case. The case is made of solid plastic materials and will protect your One M9’s actual look.

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