Personalised HTC U Play cases

The HTC U Play, like it’s “brother” the HTC U Ultra, is great phone. It has a large and responsive screen, and furthermore it has beautiful glass housing that’s shaped very aesthetically. Its made on a Mediatec processor and so results in slower processing than its brother, however still handles well and conserves battery better. Damage to a phone like this can result from the smallest fall, so why fear the worst? Order your own personalised HTC U Play case right now and makes sure your phone is protected from all possible damage, while looking great! You can use anything from photos to texts with no limits. Your custom cases are printed in the highest quality and shipped on the same day if you order before 4 PM.

Choosing your case

We have just released our first case for the HTC U Play. The transparent TPU case can be customised or left blank to show the glass back of your phone. It is a tenacious and strong case that will protect your phone from all daily dangers: falls, scratches; and thanks to the TPU, shocks. We are planning to release more cases for the HTC U Play in the near future so stay tuned, or follow us on facebook, to find out when.

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