Personalised iPhone 4(s) cases

Your iPhone 4/4s is well-protected against fall, scratch and impact damage with a case. It is even nicer if you can design your own case. The Apple smartphone has a glass housing and is very vulnerable to fall, scratch and impact damage. So,don’t doubt any longer. If you order your own customised iPhone 4/4s case on workdays before 4 PM, we’ll produce and ship your custom case even the same day!

Different options for your iPhone 4/4s

You can choose between 3 different types of iPhone 4/4s cases. The back case is made of solid, plastic materials and only fits on the back of your iPhone 4/4s, so the front remains free. The back printed case will only have its back area customized, while the fully printed cases is totally covered with your design. You can also choose a iPhone 4/4s custom flip cover, which protects the front and the back of your phone. It can also be used as a wallet to store some cards and pocket money inside the back of the flap.