Personalised LG G4 cases

The LG G4 comes in two editions, you can choose between a plastic and leather back. This great new device deserves to be well protected against scratches. Personalise your own LG G4 cover at our website to make sure your case looks unique at the same time. A G4 with a cover ensures that the smartphone will keep looking like new. You protect it against scratches and small impacts. Avoid repairs and protect your LG G4 while giving it a new look!

Attach easily to your LG G4

The back cover is made to fit your G4. It will exactly fit your device and has cutouts for all ports and buttons. The advantage of a back cover is that it won’t add much bulk to your device, while you still make your LG G4 a lot stronger. The plastic is of a high quality to make sure your device is protected at all times.

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