Personalised Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases

A case not only brings your phone a new look, it also protects your device against scratches and impacts. Sharp objects like keys and zippers can harm your new phone easily. A drop can bring serious damage to your Note 3. Protect it with style and design your own personalised Galaxy Note 3 case.

Choose your case

You can first choose your favorite case below. We offer a Flip cover and two types of back printed note 3 cases you can customise. The back case is made to fit and cover the back of your Note 3. The edges on the back printed version don’t have your design. Should you want the sides to be printed too, you can take the fully printed case. The Flip cover is picked by people who also want to protect the screen of the Note 3. Furthermore it allows you to carry pocket money and cards thanks to spaces made on the inside of the flap.

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