Personalised Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cases

A phone cover protects your investment against scratches and drops. Your Galaxy S6 Edge deserves a great looking case, so why don’t you design your own personalised case! Protect your device using a custom S6 Edge case. The latest high end phone of Samsung is unique thanks to the curved display. The back is of metal but still can get scratched. That is the part you protect with your custom case.

S6 Edge case made of firm materials

Our cases are made of a combination of materials that make the cases real firm. Our cases can be attached to the back of your Galaxy S6 edge without issue as they are made especially for them. The plastic materials will protect your phone for sure. We offer two different solutions regarding custom protection for your Galaxy S6 edge. Our cheapest model can be customised at the back of the case. Our more expensive model features that you also can design the sides of the case; It is fully printed.

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